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Dreams of Fire, Steam, and Feasts

A Liam's Ambition to Cook

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***** This is an IC journal for a character in a Changeling PbJ game. *****

Nathan Rose is scrawny, and his outfits don't help the fact. He has curly plain-brown hair in a stylish haircut, but half of the time, he uses a hairnet. He wears simple dark clothes, a turtleneck or a t-shirt with black pants, with an apron over it at work, with an easy patient smile on his face and in his sincere gray eyes. He is somewhat less graceful, but he has enough of a courtly grace to have friends call it charming. Pinned over his left breast is a rose pin, an old birthday present from his wandering days. (Appearance 2, Charisma 4)

Fae: Nathan's features sharpen and smooth out into the form of a storybook prince as he takes the form of the sidhe wilder Sir Rosilyn ap Liam. His rich brown hair lengthes out and he puts it up in a high ponytail to keep it out of his face and any food. His eyes turn into silver stars framed in a kindly face, and shine out with a rare honesty. His voice becomes sweet and kind, almost a song. His laughter seems to sparkle out, an oft-occuring scene at work. His clothes are that of a commoner's, easier to clean and more comfortable to the sidhe's point of view. He wears a pin with his house blazon, with a silvery rose entwined with the branches of the tree.
If he is trying to impress, a rare sight, his clothes are of finer make, and in his house colors, and he carries a white rose. (Appearance 4)